Neon Limbo: Redemption - Announcement

Neon Limbo: Redemption is an immersive card game with RPG elements in the works by Unboxing Games.

The game will pit you against your friends and favorite frenemies, and let you choose your road to victory - from the path of honor to the back-alleys of shady dealings.


You play as one of up to 5 knights of a disbanded order in a world caught up in ancient intrigue and a medieval realm with an avant-garde technological aesthetic.

The story takes you through events and story segments while traveling and performing actions at locations. During this time, the now long-retired heroes fight back other organizations, both criminal and legitimate, culminating in a resolution and discovery.

The characters themselves are no longer poster-girls-and-boys for the glory of their order, but rather a loose crew of flawed, real people. Over the years in their retirement, the ex-knights have drifted each towards their own various forms of laziness, apathy, unkempt visage and health, addiction, arrogance, even petty crime. Once heroes, now forgotten, lingering in the city suburbs in a decrepit beverage establishment. Until this day.

Some of the gameplay mechanics featured are low randomness after setup, tableau building and token collection, very little hidden information between players, and fixed round count.

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The game will be kickstarted in 2018.

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