Board game design and publishing is our thing. We're a small and playful team that puts extra effort in finishing touches and consistency of our products.

Short story

This one time a programmer who liked boardgames and wanted to make one but discovered he couldn't draw told his designer friend about it. Turned out she wanted to make a boardgame also, but wasn't up for the entire mechanics messy design thing. They concluded that it was a match made by destiny and went on merrily planning away.

Then a colleague of the programmer overheard them and wanted to join. Then two colleagues of the designer wanted in.

And this is where the (hopefully) not so short story started.


The team artists/illustrators are NJI3, a trio of professional graphic designers from Zagreb. They make every cocktail night and bar brawl unique.


We at Unboxing Games aim to provide unusual gaming and visual experiences using familiar and intuitive mechanics and components as building blocks.

We want to give your gaming sessions a fresh, straight-out-of-the-package feel. We know this is a tall order.

Our plan is to build our experience and the scope of our games as we grow.

Feel free to join us.

The brass tacks

We are a board game publishing company incorporated in 2018.

Unboxing Games Ltd

8-9 Marino Mart
Clontarf Dublin 3 Ireland

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