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Ever feel like you're in a constant state of hurry?

No? You're quite lucky.

For the past year or so, the four of us have been, in our free time, planning, learning and working on designing and publishing our first game, Neon Limbo: Redemption.

At this time or other, "we" became the five of us, and then more transient friends appeared willing to help as extra pairs of hands or words of advice.

So what are we planning?

  • Immediate goal: successfully release our first game
  • Long-term goal: successfully release other games in the same thematic series but with different mechanics
  • Visit Essen SPIEL '16, showcase game mechanics, do playtests
  • Listen. To your feedback. For example, take the opportunity to tell us what you'd like us to change/include at Essen SPIEL
  • Do many more tests, quality checks, research, etc. until we're happy and we believe that YOU will be happy with our game
  • Offer the game up to be crowdfunded on kickstarter

So what are we working on?

  • Cool game names! Well, okay, you be the judge of that.
  • NL:Redmeption:
    • card game
    • hybrid medieval - noir/neon punk theme
    • players play as retired knightly characters
    • travel from location to location via location cards
    • collect clues, resources, power and reclaim past glory
    • compete for most glory, power and influence, while succeeding on a personal journey
    • no direct take-that offensive mechanisms, but various means of hindering rivals (and friends)
    • mostly no direct negative effects, what you gain, only you can squander (but not always so directly obvious)

(If you'd like to see some art sample teasers, head on over to our fb page)

What did we learn?

  • It's hard. Even when it's fun, it's hard. Creating a successful product is a serious responsibility towards the players.
  • Administration and red tape is a bugger. Sometimes white tape, or yellow.

The first real learning experience will be at Essen, and we're hoping you find the time to visit us, see what we have planned, offer advice, heckle us at our presentations, or just start a bar fight or two.

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