Plans for SPIEL '16 and the road to Redemption


What is it about bars? From the Prancing Pony to the Mos Eisley Cantina, they are fertile ground for atmosphere and imagination. Unless someone trashes your bar and you find yourself on the run without knowing who, what or why.

That's probably what the characters in our upcoming board game Neon Limbo: Redemption must feel like.

Or at least that's what we would like to find out! Come to our booth (6-A101) in the listed times in our schedule, or drop by for some moonshine gameplay at any time.

We've prepared a prototype for playtesting, some friendly staff, and a place for you at the bar.

guild skyshipyard
Some remote locations are worth the hassle.

As part of our Essen debut, we' d also like to hear any comments, suggestions or wishes from You, we'll talk a bit about ideas for stretch goals once the game gets kickstarted, or just chew the fat at a table.

All patrons willing to subscribe and keep track of important news about the progress will receive a special SPIEL16-exclusive promo card, which will be fully playable with the released game. An art teaser from the promo has already been released somewhere on our facebook page.

the spire landlord card art
You need some resources. Do you swallow your pride, or take the easy road?

Our team of brilliant, wacky, creative artists will be at our booth, ready to jump in on any art plans discussion or questions. What you see here are our prototype illustrations, but designed with affection nonetheless.

regents wine barrel card art
I wasn't going to use the in-keg-nito pun, they made me do it

Oh and one last thing - if you participate in our subscription drive, you get your mail address in the mystery raffle! No, honestly, I don't even know what that's about, and I usually poke my nose everywhere.

Happy travels, patrons.